Step into the future with new Holographic Technology!

Welcome to the new era of holographic displays! Allow us to introduce you to revolutionary holographic devices that will transform the way you communicate with your audience. Get ready for an astonishing experience that will leave your audience mesmerized.

A transparent 218cm screen in 4K resolution and 60Hz to captivate your audience.

Interactive 20-point touch-screen that allows for interactive applications.

Captivating dimensions of 210cm height, 140cm width and 60cm depth.

Use Cases


It’s a bigger and better digital signage device! It can show your ads, logos, and people in the form of hologram. They can be controlled via CMS.

Live Streams

You don’t have to worry about your speakers not showing up at your events! We can organize a live stream from one continent to another, and teleport a person into the holobox.

Interactive Apps

The holobox can be connected to a PC and run any application. The touchscreen makes it interactive. Why not create an AI Digital Assistant?

Videos and Images

It acts like any other screen. We can show videos, images and animations, or any other type of digital content.

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