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Holograms – a new holographic display box!

Our HOLOGRAMS are going LIVE! 🤩

💲 Save money with AI Holographic Assistant
📈 Increase user attention with Interactive Apps
🔴 Your conference speakers don’t have to travel. Live stream them!

Do you have ideas on how to utilize Holograms for your business? Let’s talk.

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City Vinkovci – Interreg IPA CBC

For the city of Vinkovci and the Interreg IPA CBC Croatia – Serbia funded by the EU, we created a Cooking App and an AR App that will help promote the tourism of the Croatia and Serbia regions. 🎉

The Cooking App is filled with local recipes you can try cooking yourself. Each recipe is broken into phases and has a video and a timer to help you. 😋

By visiting Šokački stan in Vinkovci you can try out the AR App, which teaches you about the history of the region along with 3D models and old pictures. 😍

Link Alliance – Rail Underground

Rail Underground is a mobile delivery training simulation created for Link Alliance.

This innovative way of delivering inductions in companies benefits in these points:
⛑ Hazard Identification: Users spot risks before they become problems.
💡 Decision-Making Scenarios: Not just what to do, but also how to think on your feet in actual work conditions.
🕹 Gamification: Make learning an engaging experience.
📈 User Analytics: They keep tabs on their progress, we keep tabs on everyone’s progress.

Link Alliance – VR Safety Training

Using VR to deliver engaging education experience of learning about safety at work for our clients Link Alliance. According to The App Solutions 97% of students would like to study a VR course. This application gives a new experience in learning, which increases the exam pass rate.

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